Our Company
Financial Management Consulting firm

AmarParul Ventures is a Management Consulting firm that works with leading business houses and assists them in improving corporate, financial and operational performance by undertaking the role of a facilitating agent. With an industry presence and a network of highly experienced and dynamic consultants, AmarParul Ventures helps in making businesses more valuable through high –impact solutions. From strategy to execution it works with businesses, government agencies and other public service organization to tap and develop the innate potential needed to outperform in these fast changing and complex times. With its substantial experience and exposure in the areas of strategy, marketing, corporate finance, advisory services, etc, and peopled by an experienced in-house research team.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the financial hub of India, and having second branch in Akola, has the resources, facilities and superlative intellectual talent to cater to the needs of the domestic and international.

“In AmarParul Ventures (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. and analyst team, there are chartered accountants, MBA‘s, engineers, economists and editors, the mission of firm is to provide consulting services of the highest quality.

Overseas Advisory
Singapore & Indonesia

We have ventured in Indonesia for a USD 720 Million project of CAPROLECTUM, for which we are the debt syndicators; and fund manager are Mangum Mars Limited, Singapore.

We are venturing in Singapore and Italy for tapping investment opportunities in the Hydro Electric Power Projects in India. We are Investment advisors for 600 MW of hydro power projects in India.

With an Austrian Company

We are now the sole knowledge and funding associates, in India, for one of the worlds’ largest civil construction and Hydro power projects of 1200 MW’s have a total investment outlay of INR 8,000 Crores in the state of Maharashtra. We would be also representing a Listed Indian Company and a Private Limited Company in the project investment.