Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Working Capital (OD/CC)

NFC involved in relationship with all banks and institution through which we will explore the best option for taking care of your company working capital limit which involves Cash Credit facility with better rate and amount what you may be using currently.

Rupee / Foreign Term Loan

NFC has been a aggressive in structured finance products by designing and using a wide variety of relationship channel. We can arrange Rupee term loan for our client to expand their business and to entre into growth phase by increasing their production well as we also arrange foreign currency term loan primarily for export oriented units who want to import capital goods to either diversify/expand /modernize or setup new unit to increase their competitiveness in global market at competitive interest rate.

Project Finance

Our expert team which includes bankers and CAs is also involve in arrangement of project financing by evaluating the project strengthens and viability in both areas Greenfield project as well as Brownfield project.

Inter Corporate Deposit (ICD).

NFC is one of the oldest players in arranging ICD in the market and we had successfully arrange for our number of client. This can also be done for SME Companies which required fund for shorter periods without disturbing their present bankers.

Multiple Banking

We always suggest our client to get into multiple banking facility or consusitiom for proper financial planning as same as we never depend on one supplier nor buyer. Like wise we should also deal with multiple bank which take care of our future requirement in proper manner.

M & A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

Mergers and Acquisitions have become one of the key instrument for short span expansion of any growing company here Expansion can be done through new acquisitions or taking over the sick and loss making unit. NFC actively involve from beginning of negotiation and to end of the deal.

Private Equity

Private Equity or venture capital is an one of the finest way for riseing fund for the company where the company share has been diluted to our investor for the short time for 3 to 5 years till you reach at the mark of issuing IPO . NFC involve in the area from introduction to investors to due diligence. Our experience in couple of deal make us aggressive for small size equity to large size equity.

Brand Equity

Branding is one of the core part of any industry for the growth and expanding the reach. In today market the brand is more essential to increase sales of the product so NFC take care of our client Branding exposure with an expert brand builder with advisory service. This meant for units having good track record for improving marketability of their products by undertaking activities such as market research, advertising, creating or enhancing the value of brand, providing audio/Video for electronic media, participation in trade fair and setting up distribution network etc.


Effectively managing your foreign exchange fluctuations risk is today the most essential aspect of doing business. Factors like fluctuations in interest and exchange rates and the price of essential materials can rapidly turn a profitable deal into a loss. To be prepared, you need a partner with proven expertise in international trade and finance. NFC Associated with Best treasury team and derivatives group who take care of our client to get income out of foreign trade.

Restructuring of Loans for N.P.A accounts

Every industries has some ups and down so to cater such industries which is into the problem with some or the other reason NFC come into picture to restructure such industries and provide a boost to reestablish and compete with existing business competition.

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